SugarCRM Implementation For Safety Training Organization

SugarCRM Implementation For Safety Training Organization

Project Details:
SugarCRM Implementation For Safety Training Organization
Customized and deployed SugarCRM for this Central Florida Safety Training Organization.

Technologies Used:
PHP, MySQL, SugarCRM, Joomla, AJAX, HTML

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The finished system seamlessly merged the Client’s current data into the new database with several custom modules that allowed the Client to track all invoicing, billing, sales, training sessions, members, marketing, customer service, and much more all through SugarCRM.

  • Client located in Central Florida is a full service safety training organization looking to upgrade its old and out dated system.
  • Client had outgrown its database and customer management system and was in dire need of an upgrade.
  • The current software system was unable to handle the increase training sessions and customers nor could the software support customizations for increasingly complex support and sales processes.
  • The new system needed to do everything the old one could do but better and be able to grow with the organization as its need grew.
  • Solution needed to be easy to use and understood by staff as well as easily customizable to fit current organization needs and requirements.
  • The selected solution also needed to be seamlessly integrated with the other software and tools currently used by the Client.
  • Last but not least the solution provided needed to be cost effectively scalable.
  • Deployed several custom modules that allow the Client to track invoicing, billing, sales, training sessions, members, marketing, customer service, and much more all through SugarCRM.
  • Joomla was used to manage customer facing front end website and a connector between Joomla Virtumart and SugarCRM was created to synchronize the newly registered customer information, safety course purchases, products, pricing, schedule and invoices.
  • The finished system was able to seamlessly merge current data into the new data base.
  • The completed installation allowed for administrator to:
    • Add new and delete user/ employee access.
    • Have tiered access to limit staff data base access.
    • Manage information about safety courses, its schedules online and it’s automatically updated to front end portal for online purchases.
    • View and manage schedule for safety training instructors.
    • Attendees who purchased safety courses online can be managed and can be manually added by back office staff.
    • Create quotations for onsite safety training requests, effective workflow to track quotations approval and convert approved quotations into onsite class activity and schedule it to an Instructor.
    • Automated notifications for courses certifications that are about to expire.
  • Provided the ability for users to have customized dashboards when logged into their respective accounts to view relevant content and information specific to their user roles.
  • With the customized training and certification module, the client and staff members are able to quickly track who has taken a specific class, instructor name, date of certification and much more so that they can better follow up with customers for certification and training renewals.
  • The customized contact log section with note taking abilities provided the client with a quick and efficient way to track all the customers that have been contacted or who has contacted the client.
  • The project management section kept the Client and staff members up to date on the status of various proposals, projects and provided them with better internal tracking
  • A graphical and searchable training calendar was provided to show up to two years’ worth of schedules in advance.
  • A simple invoicing system was configured to allow the Client and staff members to manually or automatically invoice clients for online payment.
  • Provided the facility for the Client to create and manage custom customer service survey.
  • Customized several reports for training information, courses taken, partnerships, financials, proposal, training by date and ability to export these reports to excel spreadsheet