Online Interactive Healthcare Management System

Online Interactive Healthcare Management System

Project Details:
Online Interactive Healthcare Management System
Build a full scale pay as you go internet based clinic system for first class patient care in the competitive field of private healthcare management.

Technologies Used:
PHP 5, XML, MYSQL running on Linux servers.
XML, web services for 3rd party integrations such as Skype for communication and Google Maps.

Extensive use of JQuery for Appointment Calendaring.
Payment integration with Banco Santandar.

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Built a full scale pay as you go internet based clinic system built from the ground up that will deliver first class patient care in the competitive field of private healthcare management.

  • Client is located in Spain and provides online medical business solutions.
  • The client required a full scale pay as you go internet based clinic system built from the ground up that will deliver first class patient care in the competitive field of private healthcare management.
  • The site will focus on three types of users mainly visitors, clinics, doctors, and the site administrator.

Super Administrator

  • Provide the facility to add multiple admin who can manage various back end functionalities.
  • Facility for admin to manage clinics.
  • Facility for managing the Transaction Fees, Appointment Fees, and Referral Fees.
  • Admin can view the appointment history of clinics.
  • List the transactions taken place in system and facility for admin to charge the Clinics Credit card for the transaction amount.
  • Facility for administrator to manage contents of few static pages which will be displayed to visitors.

Clinic Owners

  • Provide the facility to add staff members to the individual clinic account and give them permissions for accessing various sections.
  • Provide multi user access to individual clinics data (i.e. Receptionist Doctors and Nurses who are staff members who can login on individual terminals and access and update the clinics data in real time).
  • Staff members can access the system in the working hours of clinic only. Clinic Owner can access any time he wants.
  • Provided the facility for setting up basic clinic settings and working hours, setting up alerts and notifications, managing tasks and communicating via internal messages.
  • Facility to add contacts for a Clinic this can be any personal contact which that clinic may have.
  • Create the facility to generate and manage appointments.
  • Facility for managing patient records and using them while adding appointments against patients.
  • Managing Items & Services, Stocks, Purchase Order, Invoicing for Appointments
  • Facility for sending internal messages to Staff Members and obtaining internal communications between them.
  • Facility to Search general things in system, send external emails and overall printing facility for various listings and detail pages.
  • Facility for members to PIN or FLAG any important appointment, patient, or any record related with financial things for further reference.
  • Clinic Owner can manage values which they want for various drop down fields which are used in system so that they have total control of their application.
  • Facility for members to manage their tasks, list them down and track them as they wish.
  • Offline Help which explain in detail functionality for each section.
  • Various Quick Links which takes members directly to today’s Appointments, My Messages, and My Tasks.
  • Maintaining backup of database as and when required and making use of reporting tool for generating various reports.
  • Facility to generate invoices, purchase orders, accept payments and create notes.

Visitor Section

  • Providing visitors with feature using which they can search the Clinics, these clinics will be the ones who are registered with system.
  • Blog for visitors.
  • Registration facility for visitors as a clinic owner.
  • The end solution provided the client with an easy to use and manage portal built from the ground up.
  • Members have an appointment diary view which has easy access to today’s appointments and show meeting hourly.
  • Members have various different view of Diary base on entire clinic or specific doctor.
  • Facility to have multiple clinic management from a single database.
  • Created a searchable database of profiles of all members by simple and more advanced criteria by any user with or without logging in.
  • Created a listing of various reports which gives clear view of appointments, credit notes, and invoices generated in system.
  • Developed a feature to allow doctors to access other Specialists appointments systems (within the System) and make an appointment for a referred patient.
  • Provided an easy to use billing section for the site admin to monitor and track invoices and payments.
  • Entire Financial solution from Invoicing to Item and Services Management to Purchase Order.
  • Site built in two languages (English and Spanish).
  • Provided automatic real time data back up using secure remote servers (in line with current E U data protection requirements).
  • The portal also offline help which explains to users how the system can be used and how the features functions.