Multilingual Insurance Web Portal

Multilingual Insurance Web Portal

Project Details:
Multilingual Insurance Web Portal
Designed and deployed a multilingual insurance web portal for a leading insurance broker that offers a wide range of services including risk management, claims management, property & engineering insurance, personal and professional insurance.

Technologies Used:
PHP 5.2+, MySQL 5.1+, WordPress CMS platform.

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Customized CMS for the client to manage content on all their websites worldwide.

  • A leading insurance broker in the Portuguese insurance brokerage market and around the world offers a wide range of services including risk management, claims management, property & engineering insurance, personal and professional insurance, business interruption insurance among others was in need on an extensible multilingual web portal to create and manage the content of several websites of different companies under its group and partners globally.
  • Create and extensible web portal that will be built around the current look and feel of the live website as well as provide the site administrators with the facility to create and manage the content found on all current websites. The site administrators will also need to facility to be able to continuously add new products to the site and be able to create custom promotional campaigns for each product. In addition, the new portal needs to be able to provide real time interactivity with customers.

Built a customized solution from start of finish which included a customized content management system (CMS) that allows the site administrators to:

  • Change the content of the front end, add new pages, banners, images, etc.
  • Add more products to the front end.
  • Create new landing pages and custom forms.
  • Provide real time interactivity with customers via “Click to Call” and “Click to Chat”.
  • Ability to create and manage promotions in “real time”.
  • Integrate with SugarCRM.
  • Sync their information between Visual Seg and Daily Scheduler.
  • Create and send newsletters automatically.

In addition, a mobile ready version of the web portal was created so that users can view the following information through any mobile devices:

  • Company Information
  • Product details
  • Create a Quote
  • Contact us
  • Personal Area
    • Policies
    • Claims
    • Receipts
    • Message Center

In a secured login area, customers can manage their insurance assets. After accessing the personal area, customers can:

  • Access a communication area offering several services – a personal mail box for each customer, a ticketing area where customers can place and track requests through a ticket number, and new online services such as “Click to Call” and “Click to Chat” where customers can talk with the company for free.
  • View and edit their personal information.
  • Manage their current insurance policies – ability to search and view policy data, ask for policy changes , and even cancel a policy.
  • Make a payment for a current policy.
  • Search and view details of receipts and payments.
  • Access a claims area where they can review claims’ status, open a new claim, etc.
  • Download insurance policies and documents and be able to request documents that are not available for download.
  • See a calendar of events with notes (for example expiration dates of policies and payment records).