Project Details:
TxtShield focuses on safety of teenagers and normal users who use their mobile phones while they are driving their vehicle. The android app block incoming and outgoing texts and calls while user is driving. The app will alert the sender with a customized message that the driver is unable to respond at the moment.

Technologies Used:
Android Jellybean

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  • Founded by two entrepreneurial fathers in Central Florida.
  • The fathers wanted to build a better solution to reduce driving distractions and get drivers of all ages to put down their phones when behind the wheel.
  • Create an easy to use mobile app for Android smartphones that parents and employers can provide to their children and employees to prevent texting while driving.
  • App should be user-friendly with zero learning curve
  • App should be built in a such a way that it will not drain the mobile phone’s battery life
  • App should block incoming texts when the driver’s vehicle is in continuous motion and automatically alert sender that the recipient is driving
  • Provide three different versions of the app, Free, Lite and Gold where the level of administrative controls and settings increases.
  • Created a mobile app for the Google Android smartphones
  • Utilized the GPS technology and carrier location-based services on the Android smartphones to establish the speed of a moving vehicle.
  • When the driver’s vehicle reaches a predetermined speed limit the mobile app shuts down the phones ability to text. The ability to text is reactivated once the app has determined the vehicle has stopped.
  • In order to provide the most accurate data, the app does not immediately activate when a user is driving, as the app needs to first confirm the continuous movement of the vehicle before activation.
  • Once the app is activated, all incoming texts is never displayed on the home screen and an automatic reply is sent to the person who sent the text to the driver alerting them the driver will reply back later.
  • Provided admin functionalities and password protected controls for parents and employers to enter the settings on their teens and employees phones
  • Parents and employers are alerted if their child or employee(s) try to disable or delete the mobile app
  • App would function only if it’s connected to WiFi or 3G connection.
  • Used the best practices in Android programming to optimize the battery life when the app is in use while still ensuring the highest level of performance and functionality
  • Created three different versions to allow parents and employees to select which app options and features best fits their needs and budget