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Group Text, Voice, Video Sharing Mobile App

Group Text, Voice, Video Sharing Mobile App

Project Details:
Group Text, Voice, Video Sharing Mobile App
FastRe allows users to send text, voice, or video messages in the same thread.

Technologies Used:
PHP, MySQL, Javascript, J2ME, Objective C

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  • The personal safety app was created to address the common concerns and fears everyone has when meeting strangers through the Internet for various reasons.
  • The Client required assistance in creating this safety and emergency alert system app for the Android platform
  • Create an Android app that can be programmed to check on the phone owner, who may feel they are in a heightened risk situation at regular intervals
  • Finished apps should be simple and user friendly
  • Create both a lite and pro version with enhanced features
  • The Android app has been designed with a simple user interface for users to quickly set up a new meeting for monitoring
  • Before meeting with a stranger, the personal safety app user inputs all the information about their meeting such as date, time and place. They also input the individual(s) they want alerted in the event there is an emergency.
  • The personal safety app is programmed to check on the user automatically at predetermined intervals and sends out an alert to monitor(s) if the user doesn’t respond.
  • The app will prompt the user to enter their personal PIN # at various intervals to make sure they are safe until their meeting has ended and they shut the system off.
  • If the user does not respond after the selected interval, the safety app will send an automated email/text to the selected emergency contact. The email/text will include the time and place of the meeting, who the meeting is with and how the meeting was initiated.
  • The emergency contact will be prompted to contact the app user and determine if they need immediate assistance. If the app user cannot make contact then they can notify the authorities of the last known GPS location and all of the app users meeting information.
  • The Android app also has an added EMERGENCY button for 911 in case there is an immediate need for assistance. This button also immediately emails emergency contacts.
  • The pro version comes with the facility to send texts, records audio/video, and sends GPS location.