Ecommerce Technology Services

Providing Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic Businesses

Our ecommerce strategy team and ecommerce developers will help you use industry best practices and cutting edge technology to help you create unique and impactful ecommerce solutions to help your online store stay on the right path, increase conversion and your average order value. We help you create future proof solutions are easy to use, run and manage and are designed to grow with your company as your product line and business continues to expand.

Front-End Development

With only a few seconds to capture a consumer’s attention to engage with your ecommerce site requires an attractive, organized, user-friendly and structured front end that mirrors your company’s spirit and personality. Our visual and interaction designers will work with you to tailor a look and experience that is uniquely yours to drive sales and increase conversion.


Ecommerce Platform Integration

Have you outgrown your current ecommerce platform? Whether it was custom built or off the shelf, our team of engineers can help you migrate your current ecommerce platform to a solution that will grow with you as your business continues to grow.


Back-End Development

As the brains of your ecommerce operation, a robust and powerful backend is crucial to the success of any ecommerce store. Our team of developers will help you integrate mission critical systems and solutions such as warehouse management, order management, order fulfillment, shipping and payment services, as well as ERP, CRM, and CMS solutions to create a seamless flow of data and a high-performing multichannel operation.


3rd-Party Integrations

Why reinvent the wheel? 3rd party integrations are an excellent means of reducing project costs and delivery time for your ecommerce website. With a wide selection of fully tested and affordable 3rd party ecommerce solutions readily available on the market, our team of Business Analysts will help recommend the best extensions to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.


Quality Assurance Testing

An inadequately tested Ecommerce site has immeasurable affect and impact on your customers, sales, and company financials. Our Quality Assurance specialists will place much emphasis on prevention and early detection of defects, as well as testing for defects at a later stage.


Custom Coding

When one size doesn’t fit all, our team of developers will provide you with the custom developed ecommerce solutions to help provide your organization with the tools and solutions you need to meet your specific ecommerce goals.


Performance Optimization

For any Ecommerce site, a slow website translates to unhappy customers which equates to lost revenue and in some cases a less than stellar reputation for the company. Our developers will help you to build an ecommerce site that is built with performance in mind. We use the latest techniques and tools that help to scale and achieve peak performance and reduce the page size footprint by optimizing our JavaScript, images, CSS and HTML.


Code Review + Audit

Our experienced developers will manually review your Ecommerce website codes and help to scrutinize critical areas such as the architecture, code quality and performance/UI to identify if and where issues exist with the codes. We will help you identify security vulnerabilities, bugs and/or violations in programming conventions and put you back on the right track with recommend best practices for creating quality codes.