Ecommerce Strategy

Providing Dynamic Solutions for Dynamic Businesses

Benchmark IT Solutions provides ecommerce strategy services to small-medium sized businesses. From startups to wholesalers and online retailers, we help Clients develop a profitable ecommerce business strategy. Our ecommerce strategy team will help you use industry best practices and cutting edge technology to help you create unique and impactful solutions to help your business stay on the right path, increase conversion and your average order value.

Strategic Business Consulting

In today’s constantly evolving digital commerce environment, online retailers need to define clear objectives, to operate efficiently, and to effectively manage in order to succeed. Our ecommerce consultants will provide you with strategic direction to drive value and achieve your business goals


Platform Selection

Selecting a solid ecommerce platform can be a very challenging and daunting task. Our ecommerce specialists will work with you to determine the best ecommerce platform that has the flexibility to provide your business with the tools necessary to grow as your business continues to grow to help keep you advancing your business to the next level.


Ecommerce Requirements Analysis / Documentation

Our Business Analysts through a series of interviews and meetings with stakeholders and selected customers, will help you put together a comprehensive documentation of the ecommerce portal objectives, key audiences, feature lists, estimated costs and development time along with industry best practices. We will provide you with a clear plan of action to create the best shopping experience for your customers.



Before a single line of code is written, our Business Analysts will use the initial set of requirements determined from the project requirements analysis to sketch out page by page how the ecommerce site’s content, navigation and interface elements will be presented to the end users to provide the most optimal shopping experience.


Migration Strategy

The migration from a legacy ecommerce platform is inevitable as your business outgrows the dated technology and you require a platform that is more agile, robust and scalable in order to keep up with competitors. Our ecommerce specialists will help you formulate the right plan to determine what critical elements you must have and help you to realign your technology for the future so that you can seize opportunities for growth.


Mobile Strategy

The surge of mobile phone users has offered retailers a unique opportunity to interact with customers while they are on the go, keeping their brands and messages up front and center in their consumers’ lives. Our ecommerce consultants will work with you to take advantage of this opportunity, as well as, make it a part of your digital strategy, creating a seamless and consistent shopping experience using various devices.



For any Ecommerce site, a slow website translates to unhappy customers which equates to lost revenue and in some cases a less than stellar reputation for the company. Our developers will help you to build an ecommerce site that is built with performance in mind. We use the latest techniques and tools that help to scale and achieve peak performance and reduce the page size footprint by optimizing our JavaScript, images, CSS and HTML.