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Effective customer service is the key to success in business and more revenue. Companies are in search of a solution that will help them to improve their services, thereby providing better customer satisfaction. SugarCRM can be considered as a one-stop solution.

SugarCRM is one of the fastest growing open source technologies that are being using by organizations for their CRM solutions. The ease of use, affordable and adaptable features of SugarCRM add to its increased demand. SugarCRM can help your sales team to increase their sales target by tracking and sharing sales data, managing existing customers and forecasting sales and much more. It also monitors quote progress and business performance.

SugarCRM can be advantageously customised to meet the company’s requirement. Benchmark’s team of experienced developers can offer you a SugarCRM solution that is well equipped to enable your sales team to close the deals by sharing relevant information, tracking deals and recording its progress. In addition, it helps the sales team and the managers to generate sales forecast based the data available. The sales representatives can generate and give accurate quotes and contracts to the customers. Since the data can be easily and flawlessly managed, it gives your sales team a better and clearer picture of customer agreements and products purchased.

SugarCRM’s excellent account managing ability can help your organization to build profitable relationships with your customers, by giving a clearer idea about the account details. It shares the account information across marketing, sales and support departments. Our team of developers will deliver completely customized solutions with which your executives can have real time information about the sales performance and opportunity as and when required. The data can be acquired through customised charts and reports based on key metrics.

SugarCRM also has a feature to import data and transfer data from other formats like MS Outlook, excel to name a few, ensuring that the data and contacts are not duplicated. With an excellent account management feature, SugarCRM proves to be a tighter and more profitable relationship management system. The single view that offers comprehensive view of account as well as the sales opportunity associated with it is the unique feature of SugarCRM.

SugarCRM with its easy to use, affordable and flexible features helps you to communicate with your customers, share sales details, close the deals, and keep your customers happy. Whether your organisation is small, medium or large sized, SugarCRM suits all your needs.

At Benchmark IT Solutions, we can help to give you the best customized version of SugarCRM for all your CRM needs. Contact us today to learn how we can assist

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