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SugarCRM is an open source CRM software used in many companies large and small. Its intuitive and flexible nature differentiates your company from your competitors. It’s affordable, easy to use and its many adaptable features adds to its increased acceptance and demand.

SugarCRM is flexible and works on any platform designed to help your business to communicate more efficiently with customers, sales and marketing departments as well as the rest of your sales force. SugarCRM can help you to measure and increase marketing campaign ROI, manage leads, conduct presentations, send proposals, and make sales as well as build and support rich customer relationships, boost productivity with social media, smart phones, and tablets and make informed executive and management decisions.

SugarCRM can help you to automate the most vital and expensive part of your organization, your salesforce. With SugarCRM you no longer are dependent on excel spreadsheets for critical customer information. Even with a custom built solution, it can only grow with you to a certain extent. SugarCRM helps you to capture leads from phone, emails, campaign, internet forms all in one system. All of your customer communications are managed in SugarCRM by Email Client Integration. All meetings / notes, emails, opportunities are managed in the application.

In addition, SugarCRM can help your business to succeed by helping you to better your connections with your customers. As you know that customer service is the key to your business success and can accelerate your revenue growth. With SugarCRM custom solutions you can retain and manage your customers in a more efficient manner. As a sale has been made, SugarCRM can help you retain your customer and ensure that none of the customer support cases go out of hand. The end result is less customer attrition, the ability to better prioritize customer support cases, and a better utilization of your after sales team.

SugarCRM can also help you to measure and increase your marketing campaign return on investment. It can help you to manage leads, send proposals and make sales. SugarCRM can also assist you in sending out email campaigns. SugarCRM Campaign management helps you to define targets according to attributes of prospects like location, age, interest and send mass email without spamming. You can also monitor the success of campaign and prospects interested. This feature allows you to quickly generate leads for growing your business.

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which SugarCRM can help your business grow. To learn more about SugarCRM and how to implement SugarCRM into your business, contact the team at Benchmark IT Solutions today at 407-878-3960 or to learn more.