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As competition increases, business owners are forced to think ways to manage and retain customers. They are looking for a solution that can help to satisfy their long term business needs. It is a well known fact that a business cannot survive without happy and satisfied customers. One solution that can help ensure improved service and customer care is through the use of a good Customer Relationship Management system. SugarCRM is excellent open source CRM software. It is one such software with unique features and user friendly interface used by organisations with diverse activities worldwide. SugarCRM is flexible and easily adaptable and works on all platforms.

SugarCRM is web based, easy to use and requires little to no training. SugarCRM is an easy and efficient way to manage prospective sales and leads throughout the sales cycle. SugarCRM can also help you manage all your client accounts, keeps track of the history of activities, meetings, calls and emails. It provides the facility to summarize top opportunities, open leads, cases, and tasks and quick entry to contacts. SugarCRM can also help you with tracking and converting sales leads into opportunity, sorting and filtering contacts by giving relevant information to generate sales has been made easy when you use SugarCRM. It also helps in forecasting the sales by tracking important information, by including product, service and price giving a better idea to you to predict when you can close the sale.

SugarCRM also offers a good document management system to store, organize and share their documents. SugarCRM’s administration module is very useful in performing system administration tasks such as managing workflows and customers throughout the process. Once a good CRM solution is in place, you will be able to offer better quality services and products.

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