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As of January 31, 2012 SugarCRM no longer provides support for its 6.0.x versions of its highly successfully CRM platform. Now is the time to upgrade to the most recent release of SugarCRM if you haven’t already done so. Some of the many new features integrated in SugarCRM 6 are:

Calendar Enhancements
Drag-and-drop items in Calendar for better ease of use
Dashlet – The Calendar can now be added as a dashlet
Color Coding – Items in the calendar are now color coded to allow them to be easily identified. Meetings are blue, Calls are red and Tasks are green!
Quick Modifications – Calendar items such as Calls and Meetings can now be created by clicking on any time slot within the Calendar. Similarly, clicking on a Calendar item allows users to quickly make changes in Quick Edit forms.
Items such as meetings now that are longer than a 30 minute time slot are now displayed as one continuous block rather than the separated 30 minute blocks we saw previously.
Users can also now choose what they prefer to be the first day of the week for month view.
Improved Navigation– you can navigate within the calendar using lesser mouse clicks.

Direct Import of LinkedIn Contacts
Import your contacts from LinkedIn. Using the Import Wizard feature you can import contacts from LinkedIn into Contacts, Leads, Targets and Users

Other Enhancements
New Social Media features
Sugar Mobile for iPhone and Android devices
Sugar Mobile Plus for iPhone and Blackberry
Advanced customization’s through Sugar Logic
Advanced configurations using Module Builder and Studio
Enhanced Web Services
Improved performance and scalability
Improved stability
There are lot of benefits in using SugarCRM and upgrading your current system. SugarCRM dramatically improves the way that you manage and interact with your customers. SugarCRM provides you with a centralized location for capturing, storing & sharing information about your customers and preserving that information across all geographic locations.
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