Software Development


The one size fits all software approach simply doesn’t fit your business model or goals. Your business is unique and as such, your software needs differ from other businesses even though you might be competing in the same industries. Today’s business processes are increasingly specialized and complex. Companies are starting to realize the many advantages of building their own custom software and database to help meet their unique business goals. One of the many challenges they face is aligning themselves with the right software development partner.

We at Benchmark pride ourselves on delivering to our customers, technologically advanced, highly adaptable solutions in custom software and database development tailored to meet their specific requirements.

As custom software developers we can build your software and/or database autonomously or in conjunction with your current in house team members to fine tune all your specific requirements. Your completed software is designed to be scalable and to grow with your business as it grows.


  • Custom Software Development.
  • Business Application Development.
  • Software as a Service Application Development.
  • eCommerce Application Development.
  • Social Media Application Development.
  • Mobile Application and Website Development.
  • Healthcare Application Development.

Agile Software Development

In addition to traditional software development practices, we at Benchmark also incorporate the agile software development methodologies into our project lifecycle. Our best practices and governance models for agile software development helps us to promote better communication, coordination and collaboration among our team members. Our goal is to create shorter delivery cycles that help to mitigate development risks and provide early corrective measures to meet delivery timelines while never compromising on quality. Our approach is based on common industry standards for agile software development along with a balance of engineering and project management practices.

Whether you are undertaking a new software development initiative or transitioning a current system, our team has the Agile software experience and expertise you can rely on to deliver proven results.

Benefits of Agile Software Development

  • Increased Business Value – With an agile development methodology, the software functionality is prioritized and delivered accordingly. This enables the client experience the benefits and results much faster.
  • Reducing Project Risk – In an agile project development, the delivery cycle is much shorter with an increase in the number of releases. Any complexities associated with the project are immediately known and removed thus reducing any project risks.
  • Full Client Control of the Project – With full project transparency combined with the iteration-based delivery system, a fully functional system is guaranteed at all times during the agile development process. The client has full control of the project and can easily change the project scope and delivery milestones at any given time.
  • Improved Quality – The agile approach leads to higher levels of delivery quality, confidence and lower levels of Total Cost Ownership.